Melisse and Micah – Burlington WI

Enjoyed an unusual warm Dec. day with Melissa and Micah at the Mercantile in Burlington, WI.  The Mercantile is a nice, cream city brick rehabbed older building turned into a wedding venue with nice personal touches for the couples such as lining a hallway with the bride and grooms engagement photos – framed and with gallery like care.  The front room with huge windows diffused with sheer curtains was a photographic dream to work in.  Micah provided an incredible, five different kinds of his own homebrewed beer for guest to sample and enjoy.   Photography in December is always a challenge due to the cold and the early sunset, but we dove right in and had a nice sunset and then worked with the lights of the city for photographs.  Congrat’s to Melisse and Micah!s0568IMG_4141s0002IMG_3446s0017IMG_3462s0038IMG_3477s0052IMG_3486s0194IMG_3569s0286IMG_3711s0374IMG_3869s0452IMG_3962s0513IMG_4053s0544IMG_4113s0794IMG_4311s0805IMG_4330s1087IMG_8892s1116IMG_4516s1284IMG_4696s1313IMG_4734s1395IMG_4891s1444IMG_5053s1867IMG_5621s2184IMG_6032s2208IMG_6063


Laura and Derek – Milwaukee Wedding

Thank you Laura and Derek for a great day in Milwaukee!  Ceremony at Grace Lutheran, then to Kadish Park location for a skyline backdrop for photos, and ending the day at the Black Swan in Milwaukee for a beautiful evening by the river.  Congrat’s to Laura and Derek!

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Hailey and Mitch Milwaukee Wedding

Hailey and Mitch’s wedding was a bit windy but they didn’t let that get in the way on Lake Shore State Park in Milwaukee. In this post, I chose more couples shots to share, to demonstrate what I feel is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day.  The space between the Bride and Groom.  Hailey and Mitch have a natural confidence within each others space and I always like to highlight that, while the environment is important graphically, the connection is the target I am always aiming for.   Also sharing some other images from the day including a great hug shot with Hailey’s Mother, and a very nice juxtaposition spread of our wonderful flower girl and Hailey’s dress shot.

Congratulations  to Hailey and Mitch!



Whitney and Andrew

A great day with Whitney and Andrew at  the Green Bay Botanical Gardens!  I have been to this location a number of times previously but this time the gardens were in full bloom.  The weather started out choppy but the clouds broke and we go just enough sun to pop Whitney’s veil and really do her beautiful dress justice.  I am a big fan of the “first look” as this moment seems to linger and the bride and groom have a chance to decompress and find each others rhythm which usually opens up real emotions, which is what this day is all about!



Kayla and Ryan – Pewaukee WI

In this post I wanted to highlight some of the post processing done to the images that are included in my weddings.  Light be it expressed in monochromatic tones or soft matte color palettes adds emotion to and is a part of every wedding day story. My job is to bring that story out in expressive ways to elevate a wedding day record into something that stands the test of time.  I like to include processing of images that makes a client stop and look a while.  In these choices from Kayla and Ryan’s wedding I wanted to show both the fun and the quiet, the cinematic approach and the close up.  I often include in my weddings processing variations of a single image, this allows for my clients to have addition image choices to print from.  Kayla and Ryan were ready for anything and that always makes for a great collaboration.  Ryan being a firefighter obliged me with the “fireman’s carry” down the aisle!  Congratulation’s to Ryan and Kayla!


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Danielle and James – Milwaukee

night-cityscapepfister-lookcourthousemirrorjamesdogscala-reflectbw-calafountain-kisswoodsDress-stairsPiggybackwar-mem-kissA wonderful clear night with Danielle and James at the Milwaukee County War Memorial.  Danielle and James brought their pups for a quick pic, Milwaukee brought the beautiful Lake Michigan and Senior Calatrava brought an iconic Milwaukee landmark.  We started the day with a bit of rain at the Pfister but soon welcomed blue skies and a perfect night for a cityscape shot.  Danielle’s beautiful dress really popped in the power portrait with the pillars, and I love the closer with a perfect sun flair as they share a moment walking back into the War Memorial.  Thank you Danielle and James!